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Working Principle Of Generator Sets

Jul 14, 2017

                In the diesel generator set cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel oil ejected from the nozzle, and the volume shrinks and the temperature rises rapidly to reach the ignition point of the diesel engine. Diesel is ignited, the mixture of gas burning violently, the volume of rapid expansion, pushing the piston downward, known as ' work. The diesel generator sets each cylinder to work in a certain order, acting on the piston of the thrust through the connecting rod into the driving force of the crankshaft rotation, thus driving the crankshaft rotation. So the diesel generator completes a working cycle.Generator Sets

               With one working cycle repeated, the diesel generator set runs continuously. The control core of the diesel engine is to adjust and stabilize the speed by controlling the fuel injection pump, which is generally divided into mechanical speed regulation and electronic speed regulation. The electronic governor uses the double closed loop control, the speed sensor is used to detect the diesel engine speed, and the test result is converted to a proportional electric signal, which is compared with the given standard speed signal. The deviation signal is obtained, and then the position feedback signal of the diesel generator set actuator is added, and the synthesized signal is used as the input signal of the actuator action, and the oil supply is adjusted by controlling the position of the gear rod of the fuel injection pump in the diesel generator set to achieve the aim of speed stabilization. At present, foreign diesel engines also cite advanced engine "EFI" control technology, in carrying characteristics, saving fuel and environmental emissions and reduce noise and other aspects of outstanding performance. The active regulation of generator sets is the adjustment of diesel generator speed.Generator Sets

                The diesel generator set is composed of internal combustion engine and synchronous generator, the maximum power of the internal combustion engine is limited by the mechanical load and thermal load of the parts, called rated power, AC synchronous generator rated power refers to the rated speed, long-term continuous operation, the output of the rated power, usually the diesel engine group output rated power and synchronous alternator output rated power, called matching ratio.Generator Sets