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When To Bid Farewell To "breath" Problem

"Plus it takes two hours to a can of gas about 120 kilometers, seriously affecting the normal operation of the work. "18th, taxi driver Li hua on economy Herald reporter laments that every year to winter, taxi aerated to queue up for a long time. Meanwhile, home gas pipeline pressure is significantly reduced, "year by year badly. ”

The contradiction between the supply and demand of natural gas in recent years become increasingly prominent. This year, the air treatment, "ten", driven by coal-fired boiler, coal-fired power plant in northern coastal and accelerated pace of transformation of natural gas, natural gas is increasingly becoming scarce resources.

Herald reporter learned from the business community, overall consumption is expected to reach 165 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, an increase of 14.1%; 114.6 billion cubic metres of natural gas production is expected, an increase of 9.04%, the demand is greater than the output. Market expected next spring and winter this year, domestic supply will be 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas rose to 22 billion cubic meters, 20% per cent of China's annual output of natural gas last year. And the gap will be mainly concentrated in Northern and Eastern China, which accounted for more than one-fourth in North China. Some enterprises were "restricted"