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Troubleshooting Principle And Introduction Of Generator Sets

Aug 04, 2017

     The principle of fault judgment and elimination for diesel generator sets: 1, to judge the fault from the overall analysis, the discharge of the fault should be comprehensive, diesel generator sets of systems, parts, parts are closely related, a component, a system or a part of the failure, will inevitably involve other systems, parts or parts. Therefore, to a fault phenomenon can not be viewed in isolation, from the overall analysis of the causes of failure and timely discharge of the failure.Generator Sets
    2, to find the diesel generator set failure should be minimized demolition, in troubleshooting, it is not possible to blindly dismantle the components of the diesel generator set, we must first understand the diesel generator set structure, working principle, fault location, etc., only in the scientific, careful analysis of the basis can be demolished. For example: In the diesel generator set operation process, found that there is burning oil failure phenomenon, if there is no discrimination is what reason or that part of the damage caused by burning oil and blind demolition, so not only to extend the time of troubleshooting, but it is possible to make other parts of the relative position change. Therefore, in the elimination of diesel generator sets fault, to be clear which parts or systems after the failure to repair, to prevent blindly disorderly dry. The correct approach is to remove the components of the diesel generator set as little as possible when locating the fault.
3, find fault to talk, combined with look, listen, touch, sniff, all-round inspection. 4. When troubleshooting, the diesel generator set can be divided into two parts:     Diesel engine and generator. The diesel engine has two major components and five systems. The two components are fixed and relative moving components of the diesel engine, such as the cylinder cover, cylinder body, cylinder sleeve, etc., which are fixed stationary components, and the piston, the connecting rod and the crankshaft are relative motion components. The five systems are: Fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, gas distribution system, start-up and charging system.Generator Sets
    The generator consists of stator, rotor, automatic pressure regulating device and transmission control part. The relationship between the stator and the rotor is that the generator rotor should pass into the direct current to form a fixed magnetic pole, and when the rotor rotates, the stator cuts the magnetic flux and generates the alternating voltage. The function of the generator automatic voltage regulator is: When the load of the generator increases (or decreases) the excitation current, the generator end voltages are constant. Each of the major systems of the diesel engine and the components of the generator, no matter which system or components of the failure will cause the diesel generator units can not work properly.Generator Sets
    To strengthen the management of diesel generator sets in use can effectively prevent all kinds of faults, reduce the wear speed and prolong the service life of diesel generator sets. After the diesel engine starts at low temperature, the speed should be increased as slowly as possible to ensure that the bearings of the diesel engine are sufficiently lubricated and the oil pressure is stable, so that the water temperature and the temperature reach the 60~70℃ when the load is added. If the speed of the diesel engine is quickly reached the rated speed, it is very easy to cause the bearings and other parts need lubrication is not sufficient lubrication, if the direct load, it will also cause the combustion chamber and other parts damage.Generator Sets