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Treatment Of Black Smoke In Diesel Engine

Jul 03, 2017

            The use of diesel engines as a system of equipment in the operation of the process will be emitting a plume of black smoke, not only caused the operation of the surrounding environment of the smog, but also the harm of the environment is particularly serious, so the problem of the diesel engine to deal with the black smoke is not only the operator is upset about the matter is also the industry's headache. Let the professionals give you some relevant knowledge.

           First of all, it can be affirmed that the main reason for the black smoke of the diesel engine is not completely caused by the conversion rate of the fuel, in addition to the reasons for the design of the equipment itself, it is possible that some of the operators have not noticed the details. The main solutions are:

           One: The diesel fuel tank is not sealed, long-term contact with the air, resulting in some suspended impurities in the air and dust into the air filter to cause the inlet is blocked, cause internal combustion to provide insufficient air, and resulting in incomplete combustion, so it is recommended that in the worse environment should be diligent cleaning, and the air in a better environment can be cleaned for a period of time, and regular replacement of the air filter.Diesel Engine

          Two: may also be the fuel quality is not good, resulting in the oil tank internal pipe access, such as blockage, resulting in inadequate supply of oil, the best solution is to replace the solenoid valve. Poor fuel quality can also cause fuel filter damage, internal oil deterioration caused by black smoke situation, serious may also damage the fuel system, if found that the fuel filter is not standard must be timely replacement.Diesel Engine

         Three: Fuel oil system due to poor quality of oil and some impurities attached to the pipeline surface, so to regularly clean the tubing, add two of diesel additive can effectively improve the situation of black smoke.Diesel Engine