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Protection Device Of Generator Sets

Through full load test, fixed the nominal power of diesel generator set, know the actual situation of the unit at any time, so that customers can make sure when using the running unit, and do safe electricity. Reduce the overload caused the engine to be used up quickly because the crankshaft is under a lot of power, tile will be crushed, directly injured the crankshaft, and then the piston head directly by the cylinder liner broken, serious may burst cylinder! Once you hurt someone, the consequences are really serious! So be sure to be aware.Generator Sets

Through the full load unit test, the paper obtains the performance index of the unit, and judges the real reason of the decline of the unit performance, provides the scientific basis for the replacement of the three filtration and reduces the maintenance cost. At the same time increase the service life of the machine. The full load test can be used to determine whether the overhaul can achieve the desired purpose. Need to overhaul, reduce maintenance costs. Through full load test, the long time load test can effectively remove the coking, prolong the overhaul time of the diesel generator set and save the cost.Generator Sets Branch lines as a way of wiring, it can save investment, shorten the time limit, construct quickly and conveniently, and get the application in the edge of power grid, especially in the low voltage system. However, it is very difficult to use the protection configuration and the fixed value setting in the High-voltage power network, especially the dual power branch line or the three-side power branch line It is very rare to connect large generator sets on the High-voltage line in the central area of power grid.Generator Sets

According to the above method, the Ⅰ section of distance protection can ensure the selective setting, and the three-side operation of the branch line will reduce the protection of the protected area because of the increasing effect. It can be seen that the operation characteristics and the particularity and complexity of the protection of the connection line should be considered in this line, and the factors of the increase, the selection of the parameters and the corresponding relationship are also observed. The auxiliary effect of the power grid side substation is larger than that of the generator set.Generator Sets