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Playing Off-road, SsangYong Diesel Is More Powerful

Strong diesel car, the consensus seems to be known. For heavy-duty trucks, construction machinery and many tanks, armored vehicles and other "strong men", "coolie" use diesel fuel, thus perception of diesel is formed naturally. However to say why diesel strong? The underlying principle? Probably not many people know. In fact this energy density would also like to start. In General, the higher the density, the higher combustion value, the lower the density, the lower combustion value.

Used as substitutes for fuel, the highest energy density of diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas by almost 1 time, approximately 10% higher than gasoline. In addition, the form of diesel engines use direct injection coupled with very high compression ratio, higher combustion efficiency and low speed when the greater horsepower, this feature is particularly important for frequent low-speed climbing in off-road vehicles.