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Performance Of Generator Sets

Sep 01, 2017

     As the main power source of vehicle and construction machinery, diesel generating set is widely used in heavy truck, luxury passenger car, construction machinery and fixed equipment, although the diesel generator set has simple structure, stable running performance, big power, etc., but because of low winter temperature and poor fuel gasification performance, The operating environment of the start-up residual of diesel generating sets has become relatively poor, which has eliminated the new higher requirements for the use and maintenance of diesel generators.Generator Sets

     The starting performance of diesel generator set in winter is closely related to the ambient temperature, and the emphasis on strengthening the diesel generator set in winter maintenance and operation technology can improve the start-up performance of the diesel generator set, improve the start-up ability of the diesel generator set at low temperature and prolong the service life of the main components of the diesel engine. Diesel generator set in winter after the night, parked in the open air, to pay attention to the local temperature changes, in the north strong cold air temperature of less than 4 degrees Celsius, the reference to increase expansion will expand the heat sink or cylinder body.Generator Sets

    Start the performance check and add the fuel as required. Lubricating oil and cooling water, and then normal start diesel generator sets, such as two consecutive can not start successfully, should pay attention to check, the starting method is correct, whether the oil system has air, the intake and exhaust channel is unblocked, fuel injection is normal, if in winter should consider the seasonal effects, Whether it is necessary to heat the heating machine after starting and so on.Generator Sets

    If you can start within three times, it is shown that the start-up performance of diesel generator sets is very good, and the speed of performance check, pull the throttle, to observe whether the diesel generator sets rotate speeds with the increase in throttle, the year-old throttle decreases and reduce, speed adjustment is sensitive, diesel generator set speed, such as with the throttle collapse and sharp down, It shows that the speed regulating performance is normal.Generator Sets