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Natural Gas Industry Challenges

At present, natural gas power generation industry in China has taken shape, the 2013 power installed capacity has reached 46.68 million-kilowatt. But the State has yet to introduce any policy consistent with the advantage of gas-fired power plants, gas-fired power generation industry in a State of lack of policies and regulations. The gas-fired units have been put into operation, gas prices vary due to a gas source, electricity price is defined by each province, and social benefits of gas-fired power plants, including peak load, network control, energy saving and emission reduction, engineering, conservation of land and water conservation and eco-contribution is not fully reflected in the market. With rising gas prices in the international markets and increase domestic gas prices, natural gas power generation market competitiveness will be further weakened. If there are no new clean energy ideas and opinions and policy support, it will be difficult to continue development of natural gas industry, gas-fired power plants to survive, thereby affecting our country's natural gas industry. Therefore, the development of natural gas industry needs to develop a full and comprehensive support and innovation supporting policies to protect.