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Natural Gas Distributed Energy Resources Development

Apr 13, 2015

China's energy demand growing rapidly in recent years, but coal utilization to increase with economic growth, high degree of dependence on foreign oil, more and more, non-fossil energy sources contribute to the demand is limited, and accelerate the development of natural gas industry beneficial to protect energy supplies, optimizing the energy structure. Natural gas combined cycle power generation efficiency essentially has reached 50-55%, and some could reach more than 58%, while coal-fired power stations are now only 40-42%, individual plants of up to 45%. Distributed energy projects more efficient natural gas, its comprehensive energy efficiency could reach more than 70%, is 30% than traditional coal-fired power projects. Huadian Group built by 2x78-megawatt distributed energy resources in Guangzhou University City, for example, reached its integrated energy system efficiency by 78%. With the expansion of electricity capacity, and advancement of the national network, and increase the impact of the development of new energy, grid security, flexibility and adaptability will become particularly important.