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Marine Diesel Engine Displacement Problem

              The engine used on the ship's accessories, general cylinder body, spark plugs, valves, piston rings. An engine, also known as an engine, is a machine that converts one form of energy into another more useful energy, usually by turning chemical energy into mechanical energy. (An electric motor that converts electrical energy into a machine energy) sometimes it is suitable for both the power generator and the entire machine including the powerplant. For example, petrol engines, aero engines, marine engines, etc.Marine Diesel Engine

              The core part of the engine is the cylinder, the piston in the cylinder reciprocating movement, described above is a single cylinder of the movement process, and the actual application of the engine is a number of cylinders (4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder is more common). We usually classify engines by the arrangement of cylinders: straight, V or horizontally (and, of course, the W-type of Volkswagen group, which is actually two V).Marine Diesel Engine

             The different arrangement way makes the engine in the smoothness, the manufacture expense and the external shape has each respective merit and the shortcoming, is equipped in the corresponding automobile. The compression and combustion of the mixture are carried out in the combustion chamber, the reciprocating movement of the piston, you can see the change of the chamber volume, the difference between the maximum and minimum values is the displacement, measured by l or ml (cc). The displacement of automobiles is generally between 1.5l~4.0L. 0.5L, 4 cylinder displacement of 2.0L, if the V-shaped 6 cylinders, that is V6 3.0 liters. In general, displacement indicates the size of the engine power. So increasing the number of cylinders or increasing the volume of each cylinder chamber can get more power.Marine Diesel Engine