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Marine Diesel Engine

Aug 05, 2017

               Marine diesel Engine Testing Oil National sample gsb06-2807-2012 was developed in 2012 to determine the raw material, preparation scheme and production process of the standard sample. The finished marine diesel engine testing oil in kind standard has only one series, namely the nature close to the ordinary diesel standard sample, considering the marine engine inspection demand and the development tendency, has perfected to the marine diesel Engine inspection oil standard system, has increased the marine fuel oil standard product line, Better approach to the practicality of bench detection.

              This paper introduces the design of a marine diesel engine supercharger bracket, and finally determines the design structure of the supercharger bracket based on the key of satisfying the function requirement, material selection and space arrangement, and optimizes and validates the structure design of the supercharger bracket by the finite element calculation.Marine Diesel Engine

              According to the contour of the cylinder head, the characteristics of the water jacket, the requirements of the inlet and exhaust parameters, the thickness of the cylinder head and the dimension precision, the special compound die technology of the cylinder head is developed. The composite die technology combined with this method can replace the single wood mould process, it is a new mode of large-scale mould design and manufacture, and can provide basis for the development of mould technology for similar parts in the future.Marine Diesel Engine

               The gas injection system of large-scale dual-fuel engine is studied. The injection system has the advantages of easy control of electromagnetic drive and large hydraulic driving force, high injection volume and good responsiveness. The test of propulsion characteristic of 6210ZLDS diesel engine converted into dual fuel engine shows that the changing curve of power with rotational speed of dual fuel running mode is almost no difference from that of pure diesel. The jet system can be used in high-power dual-fuel marine engine and has good adaptability.Marine Diesel Engine