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Maintenance Technology Of Marine Diesel Engine

Aug 16, 2017

             1. The mechanical load of the main parts of the diesel engine has the gas force, the movement inertia force, the joint preload force, the heat load has the high temperature, the thermal stress, as well as receives the gas corrosion, the cooling fluid corrosion and the relative movement component friction and so on the harm. Diesel engines usually characterize mechanical loads and thermal load parameters that are the highest burst pressure pz and exhaust temperature tr.Marine Diesel Engine

             2. Connecting rod assembly is mainly composed of connecting rod body, connecting rod cap, connecting rod bolt and size end bearing. The connecting rod end-end positioning shear structure type stop position, pin sleeve positioning, sawtooth positioning, tongue tenon positioning.Marine Diesel Engine

             3. Several kinds of Kim Youba s All gold, Cu-Pb alloy and Al-base alloy are commonly used in the sliding bearing of marine diesel engine, in which tin aluminum alloy is widely used.

             4. The requirements of the diesel engine to the injection system are good atomization, correct timing and adjustable fuel supply. The injection system has three sets of pairs, which are plunger coupling parts, discharge valve coupling parts and needle valve pairs. The function of the drain valve is to store pressure, check back and unload.

             5. When the turbocharger centrifugal compressor appears small flow, high back pressure, into the compressor impeller and diffuser of the airflow direction changes, so that the air flow out of the blades to form a strong air separation, and eventually produce surge.Marine Diesel Engine

             6. The expansion tank is installed in the freshwater cooling system high, the function is to provide fresh water and heat expansion, timely discharge of the system of gas, in time to replenish the system water, while ensuring that the freshwater pump has a certain suction pressure.Marine Diesel Engine

             The ratio of diesel engine bushing damage in diesel engine failure and maintenance is about 30%. In the case of proper structure design and reasonable material selection, the damage of the bushing is mostly caused by improper assembly and use, in which the impurity enters into the diesel engine embedded in the bearing bush, which accounts for about 45% of the damage accidents. Bearing is a vulnerable part of marine diesel engine, so it is of great significance to analyze the cause of bearing damage and take effective precautions to prolong the service life of the bearing.Marine Diesel Engine