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Maintenance Structure Characteristics Of Marine Diesel Engine

Oct 09, 2017

Two-stroke diesel engine through a special scavenging pump or supercharger to increase the external air pressure after the regular access to the cylinder, and in accordance with a certain streamline will be a cycle of exhaust gas out of the cylinder, while the completion of the exhaust process. According to the scouring air flow in the cylinder flow path can be divided into this scavenging type structure is characterized in: the lower part of the cylinder liner with a circle relative to the cylinder centerline and cylinder radius has a certain angle of the scavenging; There are exhaust valves (1 to 6).Marine Diesel Engine

Increased engine capacity for two cylinder diameter, piston stroke and speed of the same diesel engine, two-stroke diesel engine power seems to be twice as high as four strokes. But in fact, due to the two-stroke diesel engine cylinder on the opening of the working volume has been reduced, the mechanical transmission of the scavenging pump also consume a certain power and other factors, two-stroke diesel engine power can only increase 60 ~ 80%. Obviously, if the two power are the same, the two-stroke diesel engine is smaller in size and lighter in weight.Marine Diesel Engine

Improve the power of the diesel engine due to the two-stroke diesel engine crankshaft 360 ° each cylinder for a power, and four-stroke diesel engine each turn 720 ° each cylinder work once, so the two-stroke diesel engine than the four-stroke diesel engine rotation evenly, Small flywheel. Simplifies the structure of the diesel engine: eliminating the intake valve and its transmission device. For some two-stroke diesel engines, also eliminates the need for exhaust valves and their transmissions. Therefore, its maintenance is much easier and more convenient.Marine Diesel Engine

Ventilation quality is poor, the thermal efficiency is low, because the two-stroke diesel engine ventilation time is much shorter than the four-stroke diesel engine, and sweep, exhaust almost at the same time, so scavenging fresh air and exhaust gas infiltration serious, and some fresh air With the exhaust emissions together, an increase of air consumption, so ventilation quality is poor, thus affecting the fuel combustion, heat utilization is not sufficient, thermal efficiency than the four-stroke diesel engine low.Marine Diesel Engine