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Maintenance Of Diesel Engine

Jul 23, 2017

                In order to prolong the service life of the diesel engine, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the three kinds of filter, such as air filter, lubricating oil filter and fuel filter, and give full play to their function. air filter in the installation can not be leakage, reverse loading or wrong to install the sealing washers and rubber connection pipe, and ensure that each according to the tightness of the inlay. The use of the paper dust Cup air filter, 50-100 hours per work, to remove dust 1 times, can be used soft brush will surface dust brush off, if working time more than 500 hours or damage, should be replaced in a timely manner. The use of oil bath air filter, 100-200 hours per work, the application of clean diesel oil cleaning filter, and replace the lubricating oil, if the filter is broken, it needs to be replaced immediately, and attention in use, according to the provisions of the added lubricant.Diesel Engine

               Lubricating oil filter in the use of diesel engine if not timely maintenance, filter plug, lubricating oil pressure increase, safety valve open, lubricating oil directly into the main oil channel, will aggravate the lubrication surface wear, affecting the service life of the diesel engine. Therefore, the lubricating oil filter every 180-200 hours, it is necessary to clean 1 times, found damaged, should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities into the lubrication surface. Diesel engine seasonal use, but also to clean the crankcase and the lubrication of the surface, the method is to use lubricating oil, kerosene and diesel mixture for washing oil, after the lubricating oil to add washing oil after the release, then, the diesel engine low-speed operation of 3-5 minutes, and then put the washing oil, add new lubricants.Diesel Engine

               A variety of fuel filters in the fuel supply system, 100-200 hours per work, should be cleared of debris 1 times or replaced once, and the fuel tank and the pipeline to carry out a comprehensive cleaning. In particular, for the electronic control common rail system, due to high pressure precision injection, fuel system with a high precision, with small clearance, the filter efficiency of fuel filter and water separation efficiency have put forward higher requirements. At present, the use of two-level filtration system, first-class oil-water separator, a-grade diesel oil filter, separation efficiency requirements of more than 95%, particle filtration efficiency of 3-5 micron filtration efficiency is greater than 98.6%.Diesel Engine