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Machine Performance Of Marine Diesel Engine

Oct 20, 2017

The power of the diesel engine is increased to the same diesel engine with two cylinder diameters, piston stroke and rotational speed. But in fact, because the two-stroke diesel engine cylinder on the air mouth and the work volume has been reduced, mechanical transmission of the sweeping pump also to consume a certain amount of power and other factors, two-stroke diesel engine power can only increase $number. Obviously, if the two power is the same, then the two-stroke diesel engine is smaller in size and lighter in weight.Marine Diesel Engine

Improve the power of the diesel engine because the two-stroke diesel engine crankshaft every turn 360° each cylinder to do a work, and four-stroke diesel engine 720° each cylinder to do a work, so the two-stroke diesel engine than four-stroke diesel engine rotation, can use a smaller flywheel. Simplifying the structure of the diesel engine eliminates the intake valve and its transmission device. For some two-stroke diesel engine, the exhaust valve and its transmission device are also omitted. Therefore, its maintenance is much simpler and more convenient.Marine Diesel Engine

Although the two-stroke diesel engine has these advantages, it also has its inherent disadvantages: poor ventilation quality, low thermal efficiency, because the two-stroke diesel engine ventilation time is much shorter than the four-stroke diesel engine, and sweep, exhaust almost at the same time, so during the sweep process of fresh air and exhaust gas infiltration serious, and some fresh air with the exhaust gas, Increased air consumption, so poor ventilation quality, and then affect fuel combustion, thermal energy utilization is not sufficient, the thermal efficiency than four-stroke diesel engine low.Marine Diesel Engine

At the same time, the combustion frequency of each unit time in the cylinder of two-stroke machine is twice times that of the four flushes Cheng, therefore, the hot load of the Cheng and the High-temperature gas phase contact parts in the cylinder is higher. The shortcoming of the two-stroke diesel engine will become more serious with the increase of rotational speed. Therefore, a large low-speed diesel engine with two strokes, small high-speed diesel engine with four strokes, medium speed machine, four strokes, two strokes are used, but the main four-stroke machine.Marine Diesel Engine