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Large Generator Sets

            This paper briefly introduces the condition of the supporting line, analyzes the characteristics of the distance protection of the support line, the 0 sequence protection and the three-side high frequency protection, and the corresponding technical measures, and the setting method and the calculation result of the distance protection under the condition of the three-side power supply support line. This paper introduces how to solve the problems of the high frequency signal intervening loss and the difference of the branch line, the relay protection operation mode of the large generator unit connected to the high voltage line. The operation effect and the action behavior analysis of the three-side high frequency protection are briefly introduced.Generator Sets

             As a way of wiring, the branch line can save investment, shorten the construction period, and construct fast and convenient, at the edge of the power grid, especially in the low pressure system. However, it is very seldom used in high voltage power grids, especially in two-side power branch lines or three-side power branch lines, because of the difficulty of protection configuration and setting value setting, it is very rare to connect large generating sets on the High-voltage line in the central area of power grid.Generator Sets

             However, when the construction schedule of the generator set is faster than that of the power transmission and transformation projects, in order to make the Power generation unit grid-connected to power generation early, we have to take transitional measures. We have adopted the mode of access system of 200MW generator unit connected to the 220kV line in the central area of power grid, this special wiring mode has put forward many new problems which need to be solved in the protection of relay.Generator Sets