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Introduction To The Related Structure Of Gas Generator Sets

     Gas generators make full use of all kinds of natural gas or harmful gas as fuel, treasure, safe and convenient operation, cost-effective, low emission pollution, and suitable for heat, electricity and other advantages of the market is very broad prospects. In China, natural gas generation is still in its initial stage due to the influence of natural gas supply. A truly large area of natural gas power generation as a distributed energy station is still going to take time. Today's small-scale natural gas generation is mainly in oil fields, gas fields and airports, hotels, hospitals and so on. It can be expected that natural gas generation will get a rapid development in recent years as the supply of natural gas becomes more plentiful and the supply range expands.Gas Generator Sets
     In this way, the gas in the supercharger and intake pipe is always the nonflammable pure air, which avoids the problem of tempering, and solves the danger of high hydrogen content in the refinery tail gas which can cause the explosion in the trachea. However, as the gas recovered from the refinery contains H2 S and NH3, a NH4 HS crystallization is also found in the regulating valve spool and cavity mounted on the fuel pipe line. When the gas is mixed with condensed liquid hydrocarbons and enters the fuel system, because the liquid hydrocarbon deflagration releases a large amount of radiation heat, the components associated with the High-temperature flue gas are damaged by exposure to high temperature conditions. Because of the phenomenon of deflagration, the piston, cylinder, intake and exhaust door, inlet and outlet of the unit are frequently faults, and the service life is reduced and the maintenance quantity is quite large.Gas Generator Sets
     Because the piston is installed with a random band of clips (by a two-half ring connected by a pin shaft, a semicircle ring on the pin shaft is welded with a handle, and a handle is welded on the other side of the two-half ring). Close the piston ring together to ensure that the piston group can enter the cylinder smoothly. In the use of the process we found: the use of the ring clip when the maintenance personnel in the installation of the whole process must be on the one hand by gripping the other side of the ring clamp pin Two hands to ensure that the ring clamping in close state, on the other hand, the body of the bolts will not hinder the two sides of the clip on the whereabouts of the hand Gas Generator Sets
    For easy and quick installation, we use the scrapped cylinder sleeve processing a cone sleeve (the internal and external diameter of the cone sleeve is basically the same as the original size of the cylinder liner, and only at the top processing a section of 20mm long cone, and in the cone and the inner hole at the junction of a large circle angle, convenient piston ring can smoothly press into Put the cone on the piston ring before installing the piston into the cylinder, so that all the piston ring in the normal use of the compression state, installation only need to first put the piston skirt in the cylinder, and then slightly adjust, so that the cylinder and cone sleeve concentric, and gently with the hand slowly push the piston into the cylinder. This not only reduces the labor intensity, but also enhances the installation efficiency.Gas Generator Sets