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Introduction Of Diesel Engine Characteristics

     The advantages of the diesel engine are that the torque is large and the economic performance is good. The working process of the diesel engine has many similarities with the petrol engine, and each working cycle also undergoes four strokes, such as gas intake, compression, work and exhaust. Diesel Engine

     But because diesel fuel is diesel, its viscosity is larger than gasoline, it is not easy to evaporate, and its spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than gasoline, therefore, the formation of combustible mixture and ignition mode are different from gasoline engine. The main difference is that the mixture of diesel engine cylinders is pressurized, not ignited.Diesel Engine

     Diesel engine work, into the cylinder is the air, the air cylinder compressed to the end of the time, the temperature can reach 500-700 ℃, pressure can reach 40-50 atmospheres. When the piston is close to the stop point, the injector of the fuel injection system sprays fuel into the cylinder chamber in a very short time at a very high pressure, the formation of small diesel oil particles, and high-pressure high-temperature air mixture, combustible mixture combustion, violent expansion to produce explosive force, pushing the piston down work, the temperature can reach 1900-2000 ℃, Pressure up to 60-100 atmospheres, resulting in a large torque, so diesel engines are widely used in large diesel equipment.Diesel Engine

    Traditional diesel engine Features: thermal efficiency and economic performance, diesel engine using compressed air to improve the air temperature, so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition point of diesel fuel, then sprayed into the diesel, diesel spray and air mixture of their own ignition and combustion. Therefore, the diesel engine does not need ignition system. At the same time, the fuel supply system of diesel engine is relatively simple, so the reliability of diesel engine is better than that of gasoline engine.Diesel Engine

    The compression ratio of diesel engine is very high because it is not restricted by deflagration and the need of diesel spontaneous combustion. Thermal efficiency and economic performance are better than the gasoline engine, at the same time in the case of power, diesel engine torque, the maximum power when the speed is low, suitable for the use of truck.Diesel Engine