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Introduction And Application Of Marine Diesel Engine

    Diesel engine has high thermal efficiency, good economy, easy start, great adaptability to all kinds of ships, soon after the advent of the ship was used as propulsion. By the 1950s, diesel engines had almost completely replaced the steam engine in newly built ships. Marine diesel engines are the main driving force for civilian ships, small and medium-sized ships and conventional submarines (see ship power plant).

    Marine diesel engine according to its role in the ship can be divided into host and auxiliary. The host is used as the propulsion power of the ship, and the auxiliary machine is used to drive the generator, air compressor or water pump. Marine diesel engines are generally divided into high-speed, medium and low-speed diesel engine, the table lists the three main types of diesel engine performance indicators.Marine Diesel Engine

    Introduction and use: Marine host most of the time is working at full load, sometimes in the case of variable load operation. The ship is often sailing in the bumps, so the marine diesel engine should be able to tilt in the 15 ° ~ 25 ° and dumping 15 ° ~ 35 ° under the conditions of reliable work. Most ships use supercharged diesel engines (see internal combustion engine pressurization), low-power non-pressurized diesel engine only used in small boats. Low-speed diesel engine for the majority of two-stroke machine, medium-speed diesel engine for the majority of four-stroke machine, and high-speed diesel engine are both. Marine two-stroke diesel engine in the form of scavenging scouring gas, gas-valve-type DC scavenging and opposed piston-type gas scavenging. High-power, low-speed diesel engine widely used as fuel, high-speed diesel engine is still more light diesel.Marine Diesel Engine

    Low-speed diesel engine: direct drive propeller, in order to make the propeller has a high propulsion efficiency, require a lower speed. In the high-speed diesel engine through the gear box to drive the propeller, gear box is also equipped with inverted drive mechanism to achieve propeller reversal, but low-speed diesel engine and some medium-speed diesel engine itself can be reversed. In the high-speed diesel engine also through the generator - motor - propeller to achieve electric drive. When the demand for power can also be used when the multi-machine, low-speed navigation can only work with a host, thereby enhancing the operational economy and reliability. With the installation of two main aircraft, according to the installation location and propeller steering, divided into left and right machine.Marine Diesel Engine

     The main trends of marine diesel engines are: to improve the supercharging technology (secondary pressurization, supercharging and supercharging and so on, etc.) to improve the stand-alone power; improve the combustion process, burning low-quality fuel and the use of waste heat to improve Economy; improve reliability and extend the service life; use fault prediction and monitoring, in order to achieve diesel engine automation remote control.Marine Diesel Engine