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Improvement Of Mechanical Braking For Hydro-generator Set

Aug 16, 2017

             The reason why the original mechanical brakes can not be put into proper (1) there is a series of gas problems between the pipelines, the phenomenon of "damper input" indicator and "damper drop" indicator are often appeared in the braking process. (2) The signal of the speed signal device is provided by the unit PT, and once the PT signal is disconnected during the shutdown process, it will cause the brake to be added when the unit is rotated at high speed. (3) After the end of the stop brake, "damper down" indicator is often not bright, resulting in damper location is not clear, so the operator had to stop in the wind tunnel to check whether damper fall.Generator Sets

             Generator Sets Hardware improvement (1) for the problem of gas line between the pipeline, a reverse valve is added to the brake exhaust pipe. (2) In order to improve the reliability of the brake control circuit, the brake input solenoid valve and 53106 valve to install a constant-closed solenoid valve 5DCF (see fig. 2). When the unit speed drops to 15%NR, the solenoid valve 5DCF is turned on by the gear-disc speed relay, which closes when the solenoid valve is operated on the brake. (3) Due to the poor reliability of the original installed stroke switch, replace it with a reliable omron stroke switch. (4) The speed signal device adopts the gear-plate speed-measuring device provided by Beijing Wanda Company, which provides accurate and reliable signal for the gear-plate speed-measuring device; it provides 2 pairs of 15%NR control points for the mechanical braking circuit. One butt in the mechanical brake cabinet control loop, the other pair (J100, J601, see fig. 1) to the computer monitoring system, as the criteria for the braking. The input and removal of the brake is controlled by the speed signal and the gear speed device in the computer monitoring system, and it will not cause the brake to be mistakenly dropped because of the misoperation of any set of devices.Generator Sets