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How To Use The Generator Sets

     Parallel input method for diesel generators: The operation process for parallel input is called synchronous process. There are two methods of synchronous process, namely, quasi synchronous method and self synchronization method. The self synchronization method is used to pull the synchronous operation of the motor after the case of the casing, which is commonly applied to the vehicle in the accident condition. The quasi synchronous method is used in the diesel Generator unit and vehicle. The synchronous indicator is often used to adjust the generator to the conditions in which the input is fully in parallel. The simplest sync indicator is a three-part led. There are two types of phase lamps, the light quenching method and the light rotation method.Generator Sets

    Vehicle method can be divided into two categories, that is, from the same period and quasi period. Small hydropower stations are commonly used in the same period and vehicle mode. The common methods used in quasi concurrent vehicles are: light rotation method. The light goes off. 0-Value Voltmeter method. The whole step table method. Semiconductor automatic quasi concurrent. How long is the service life of the generator set? In fact, the life span of the generator is also dependent on how to use it correctly in the ordinary, if the use of the technique to maintain the use, will directly increase the life time.Generator Sets

    First of all, it is clear that the generator set of vulnerable parts include air filter, oil filter and diesel filter Three kinds of filters, to extend the service life of diesel generators, in the use of the process, we should strengthen the air filter, oil filter and diesel filter this three filtration maintenance, and give full play to their role.Generator Sets

    Air filter in the installation can not be leakage, reverse loading or wrong to install the sealing washers and rubber connection pipe, and ensure that each according to the tightness of the nest. The use of the paper dust Cup air filter, 50-100 hours per work, to remove dust 1 times, can be used soft brush will surface dust brush off, if working time more than 500 hours or damage, should be replaced in a timely manner. Generator Sets

    The use of oil bath air filter, 100-200 hours per work, the application of clean diesel oil cleaning filter, and replace the oil, if the filter is broken, you need to replace immediately, and notice in use, according to the provisions of the added oil.Generator Sets