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Generator Sets Performance Parameter And Control System

Jun 25, 2017

       Marine Generator Set Performance parameters: 1, Characteristics: Heavy load durable four-stroke water-cooled engine, outstanding transient response characteristics. 2, Power: A wide range of power coverage, marine diesel Generator set power coverage 10kw. 3. Fuel system: Unique PT Oil-supply Electronic speed regulation system, low fuel consumption rate, Cummins series marine diesel engine fuel minimum fuel consumption up to 190g, diesel fuel curve flat, in common working conditions have good economy. 4, starting mode: 24VDC start motor, 30A DC charger, 0 Shan can be used for starting current 625a 1800a. 5. Average noise: less than 100dB. 6, Cooling mode: water-cooled forced closed-loop, forced cooling. 7, the use of reliable, Cummins Marine engine using international advanced technology, from parts design, raw materials selection is superior to domestic diesel engines, diesel engine parts have passed strict assessment, so that the diesel engine has a high reliability.Generator Sets.

       Generator control system first, manual Control Panel (Unit standard configuration) to provide the basic start/Stop function of the unit, with the following basic configuration and functions: 1, Start/Stop Controller 2, three-phase AC ammeter 3, voltmeter and selector switch 4, frequency table/water table/Oil pressure meter/timetable/battery voltmeter 5, emergency shutdown button 6, Alarm function: overspeed, high water temperature 7, low oil pressure, charge failure 8, protection function: Low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, emergency parking and other preset protection.Generator Sets.

       Second, no mains (voltage loss) from the start Control screen the control screen in addition to the standard manual control screen function and configuration, and additional remote control interface. 1, Automatic/stop/manual function selection 2, start delay relay (3-5 seconds, adjustable) 3, downtime delay relays (0-270 seconds, Adjustable) 4, 3 times since start time relay 5, mains charger 6, Alarm indicator increase: low/overspeed, output voltage failure, start-up failure, high water level forecast police, stop emergency parking 7, protection function Increase: low/overspeed, start-up failure, output voltage failure (Over-voltage, undervoltage, over-current)

       Three, unattended, independent start-up control panel can be at the user's request, to provide from the start control function and automatic load-switching function of the integration of independent control cabinets, easy to operate, suitable for centralized control of electrical equipment.

       Four, automatic remote monitoring and control screen 1, LCD display unit operation steps, status, fault and name Parameters 2, with RS232 or 485 interface, remote control, telemetry, tele-mail function 3, unit protection, the following conditions automatically stop and alarm:Start-up failure, overspeed, low speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, speed sensor no signal, charging failure and so on.

       Automatic load Switch screen (ATS) 1, quadrupole Mechanical/electrical interlock switch; 2, mains, power generation, with load status indicator, 3, Automatic, manual selection of the button; 4, the screen body by pickling, phosphating, spray treatment, 5, the provision of adequate filling to facilitate the input and output cable; 6, automatic switching time, not exceeding 7 seconds (adjustable).

       Six, and machine control screen 1, manual/semi-automatic/fully automatic two or more machine functions, 2, multiple parallel power grid, more reliable power supply, 3, centralized scheduling, automatic allocation of load, can make maintenance, maintenance more convenient; 4, more economical. It can be used according to the actual load, save oil, 5, the future expansion more flexible. According to the needs of development, at any time to increase the equipment to meet the increased load.Generator Sets.