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Generator Sets How To Extend The Service Life

May 25, 2017

The expected service life of the generator set is only possible under certain conditions. In practical applications, it is not possible to operate the generator set in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual due to changes in environmental conditions and negligence of the user. Therefore, Generator Sets the actual life of the generating unit is lower than the theoretical life, Generator Sets in order to extend the life of the generating unit as much as possible, in the daily use of the process, should pay special attention to the following questions

1 generator set to start the warm-up time, whether summer or winter, after the start of the generator can not immediately tell or with a complex operation, Generator Sets especially in winter to pay special attention

2 generator cooling before the shutdown problem

3 has the principle of limited quality, Generator Sets the choice of generator sets of oil in the high on the principle of low, as far as possible the use of good quality oil and oil brands

3 do not overload for a long time, Generator Sets overload high-speed operation

4 do not long complex, Generator Sets overload told to run

5 three filter use and maintenance issues.