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Fault Analysis Of Gas Generator Sets

     The bearing vibrates greatly. One or two-stage large shaft with exciter, because the bearing long, with the additional equipment, vibration naturally very difficult to control to the lowest. Diesel generator lead time running, fatigue, aging and so on complex factors cause bearing vibration increased, brush with vibration, will make brush column friction uneven, lead and spring loosening, local sparking slowly further affect the overall situation.Gas Generator Sets

     Brush surface unclean. This is one of the most overlooked, the normal operation of the generator brush seal in the airtight cabinet, the bipolar electric brush in the middle of the shaft with a gear-like axial fan, by the rotor rotation of the grinding of graphite toner, brush the heat of the timely extraction to achieve the role of clean cooling. If the door is not strict, or when the patrol forgot to close the door, outside the dust with the hot air sucked into the brush, attached to the brush column, on the one hand, affect the brush cooling. On the other hand brush when the spark occurs because the brush column surface is unclean, the insulation strength between the brush column is not easy to ring fire.Gas Generator Sets

     In addition, the slip ring on the car has a spiral-like groove, this is to increase the electric brush cooling area, improve the contact with brush, so that the brush more fully cooled, while more easy to let the toner to smoke away. If the door is not strict, fan suction is not enough outside the dust is very easy to attach in the spiral ditch, the consequences are conceivable. Exciter brush considering its voltage level is relatively low exposed outside, this also suggests a regular cleaning overhaul.Gas Generator Sets

     Failure Analysis: Diesel engine starting after starting speed and low, usually due to the failure of fuel adjustment system. Malfunction reason: The diesel generator each cylinder work is bad, causes each cylinder compression pressure to be different. Gas Generator Sets

     The fuel supply system has air, water, or oil that is not smooth. The pump plunger in the high-pressure pump is related to the amount of oil supply, the governor internal speed adjustment spring weakening, so that the speed regulation performance changes. The governor does not reach the minimum speed, the governor's internal rotating parts imbalance or with the gap is too large, governor speed is not up to the calibration speed.Gas Generator Sets