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Failure Reason And Treatment Method Of Diesel Engine

Sep 12, 2017

     The injector of the diesel engine is generally used as the axial needle type and the porous type, and the injector has a more precise needle-valve pair, and its coordination clearance is only 0. 002^-0. $number mm, if there is impurity in diesel, it is easy to make needle valve stuck. In addition, the nozzle head in the combustion chamber for a long time with high temperature, high-pressure gas contact, easy to make the needle valve gradually expanded, deformation, wear, and then affect the normal operation of diesel engine.Diesel Engine

    Fuel injector oil, fault phenomenon: When the machine temperature is low, the exhaust pipe will emerge from the strands of white smoke, the machine a rise then become black, sometimes exhaust pipes will emit irregular sound, exhaust pipe sometimes also produces oil phenomenon. If you stop supplying oil to the cylinder, exhaust fumes and firecrackers disappear.

Malfunction Reason: Needle valve is blocked by charcoal or bite dead in the open position, so that the needle valve can not be returned; When the injector is working, the seal cone of the needle valve body is impacted frequently by the needle valve, and then the high-pressure oil flow is continuously ejected from the place, and the cone will appear nicks and spots. And gradually lose the tightness, high pressure spring break or high pressure screw loosening The sealing is not tight; These barriers can easily lead to oil injectors.Diesel Engine

    Exclude method: According to the reason to determine the location of the inspection adjustment, if it is due to wear and tear, the seal is not strict, can be dipped in the needle valve head of a little oxidation-ming fine abrasive paste (note that the needle valve hole) to the needle surface grinding, and finally in the diesel oil thoroughly washed, loaded into If it is still not qualified, it should be replaced by another needle valve pieces. Diesel Engine

    If there is accumulated carbon, the charcoal should be eliminated. Needle valve bite dead: Failure phenomenon engine work feebly, shivering, unstable, exhaust pipe appeared "Teng, teng" sound and black smoke out of the phenomenon. Failure reason: The water or acid in the diesel oil will make the needle valve rust or p live, in addition, the needle valve seal cone damage, the cylinder can be combustible gas will also flee the formation of carbon to make the needle valve die, injector can not spray oil, the cylinder stopped working, the diesel engine power drop.Diesel Engine

    Elimination method: The needle valve can be placed in the waste oil to heat until boiling smoke, then use the hand clamp pad soft cloth clip the needle valve tail end slowly activity will pull it out, another dip clean oil so that needle valve in the needle valve body repeatedly grind until the needle valve pieces upside down, the needle valve can from the needle valve body slowly exit. If the fuel injector is still not qualified by the test, the needle valve pair should be replaced;Diesel Engine