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Discussion On Large-scale Wind Generator Sets

Sep 22, 2017

     The function of the wind turbine to the wind mechanism is to overcome the adjusting resistance moment of the unit, and to ensure that the unit can be directly on the wind direction (even if the rotating plane of the wind wheel is perpendicular to the wind direction) under any operating conditions, in order to absorb the wind energy to the maximum. Generator Sets

    Therefore, the performance of the wind-driven mechanism is directly related to the overall performance of the wind turbine. In order to ensure that the adjustable direction mechanism of wind turbine has a good direction to wind performance, the correct and reasonable determination of the power of the unit is an important content that can not be neglected in the design and research work of the wind turbine.Generator Sets

    The cabin and tower of the wind turbine are connected with the inner and outer ring of the slewing bearing respectively. When the wind blows off the wind, wind speed meter signals, the computer issued instructions, driving the installation in the engine room of the adjustable deceleration mechanism, through the installation in the speed reducer mechanism of small gears and slewing support of the large gear meshing, so that the engine room around the tower axis rotation, so that the wind wheel alignment direction.Generator Sets

     The wind-driven mechanism of large wind turbines usually adopts the wind direction anemometer and the electromechanical or electro-hydraulic servo mechanism to realize the adjustment of the unit. The servo-tuning mechanism consists of the following four parts: a wind-direction anemometer for receiving wind speed and direction signal; Generator Sets

    The original motive of the transfer to the mechanism is the motor in the electromechanical or electro-hydraulic servo mechanism, and the mechanical transmission device of the transfer mechanism (general deceleration effect), in the electromechanical mechanism, it is the deceleration box, in the liquid electricity mechanism, It consists of an oil pump and a hydraulic motor, and the gear pair (the adjusting mechanism engages with the large gears on the output shaft of the gearbox or the hydraulic motor and the slewing gear of the rotary support device to realize the rotation of the wind wheel and the engine room around the tower axis).Generator Sets