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Apr 13, 2015

1, fuel efficient: the same fuel economy, diesel than petrol cars to run about 30% miles. As calculated by a car traveling 20,000 miles a year, with diesel engines can be saved every year 4000-5000.

2, less emissions: China is now second only to United States's second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Because diesel fuel characteristics, diesel vehicles characteristically less carbon dioxide emissions than petrol cars.

3, good power: diesel engine torque greater than gasoline engines, so in addition to trucks, diesel engine is particularly suitable for multifunctional, cross-country vehicles such as SUV.

4, high performance: modern diesel engines due to the use of advanced technologies, its low vibration and noise than traditional, many luxury car such as a Mercedes-Benz, BMW began to use diesel engines.

5, durable: the diesel engine is recognized as a very durable service life far more than gasoline engines.