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Diesel Generator Set Common Sense

Jul 23, 2017

            The diesel generating unit is a kind of AC power supply equipment of the self owned power station, it is a kind of small independent power generating equipment, which is powered by the internal combustion engine, which drives the synchronous alternator.Generator Sets

            The main power of the diesel generating set is also called continuous power or long line power, which is commonly used to identify the diesel generating set by the main power. And in the international use of standby power, also known as the maximum power to identify diesel generators, the market often have irresponsible manufacturers using the most high-power as a continuous power to introduce and sell units, resulting in many users in these two concepts misunderstanding.Generator Sets

            Diesel Generator set in our country is the use of the main power of the continuous power to nominal, the generator can be used within 24 hours of the maximum power we call continuous power, in a certain period of time, the standard is 1 hours per 12 hours on the basis of continuous power overload 10%, at this point of the unit power is what we usually say the maximum power, that is, standby power, that is, if you buy the main 400kw units, Then you have 1 hours within 12 hours to run to 440kw, if you buy a standby 400kw unit, if you do not overload usually open in 400kw, in fact, the unit has been open in an overloaded state (because the unit actual rated power only 360KW), which is very detrimental to the unit, will shorten the life of the unit and cause a higher failure rate.Generator Sets