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Diesel Engines Have So Many Advantages, Why China's Diesel Cars So Little

Aug 26, 2017

             Its advantage is that the energy conversion rate of the compression-ignition diesel engine is higher than that of the ignition gasoline engine, and the low speed torque is also a great advantage. In SUV models, the advantages of diesel vehicles will be magnified a lot, especially in the face of cross-country road conditions, diesel will be better than the gasoline version of the vehicle climbing, and the larger displacement of diesel engine models can better reflect its advantages. The CO2 emissions of diesel engines are lower than those of petrol engines, and HC and CO emissions are about 10% to 17% of the gasoline engines, but there is no good gasoline engine for particulate and NOx treatment.

             Diesel vehicles have low fuel consumption, low speed, high twist, low emissions and other advantages, in Europe, diesel vehicles are very popular, and to the domestic is not popular, which can be summed up in the following several reasons: For a long time, almost all of the domestic trucks in the use of diesel engines, so the impression in the minds of consumers is the black smoke rolling, noise, vibration, and secondly, consumers generally believe that the quality of the domestic oil is not good, accept its advantages but can not accept its shortcomings.Diesel Engine

             Indeed, the diesel fuel injector is extremely precise, the manufacture is very difficult, if the use of low-grade oil will seriously affect the life of the nozzle. In addition, in China, talk about the control of automobile exhaust pollution, people often think that is the responsibility of the car factory, in fact, whether the fuel is "clean" is very important, no clean fuel, no good engine will have clean emissions.

             Because of the high compression of the diesel engine, the combustion of the fuel in the cylinder may occur at any stage of the work stroke, so the noise and vibration will be greater, so it needs a more robust structural design, which is why many of the lighter-weight models are now preferred petrol engines. So on the consumer's subjective level, they prefer to choose a petrol engine.Diesel Engine

             In theory, crude oil is refined to account for more diesel than petrol, although the number of clean diesel oil is more than gasoline, but its supply has a priority. In our China, diesel to ship, heavy truck, agricultural vehicles and other priority use, before the use of passenger cars, the country's diesel is not able to meet the status quo, a considerable part of the energy supply depends on imports. In addition to the current big environment or petrol car, if all buy diesel cars, then the petrol sold to WHO, the country will certainly not support.Diesel Engine