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Development Of Gas Generator Sets

Jun 13, 2017

    Gas generator is a new type of generator set developed to meet the environmental requirements of the world and the new environment of the market. Natural gas generating units are divided into two kinds, one is the combined cycle gas turbine, one is the gas internal combustion engine.

    Gas turbine power is relatively large, mainly used in large and medium power plants, gas engine power is relatively small, mainly used in small distributed power plant. It is to replace the fuel, coal-fired units of the new green power. Make full use of a variety of natural gas or harmful gases as fuel, turning waste into treasure, safe and convenient operation.

    Cost-effective, low emissions, and suitable for heat, power generation and other advantages, the market prospect is very broad.Gas Generator Sets

    China's natural gas resources are very rich, relative to China's rich natural gas reserves, natural gas in China's primary energy consumption accounted for the proportion is too small, the future has a substantial increase in potential.

    The distribution of power plants using gas generators, in China, due to the impact of natural gas supply, natural gas power generation is still in the initial stage. Really large area of natural gas power generation as a distribution of energy stations but also to leave time. Now small-scale natural gas power generation is mainly in oil fields, gas fields and airports, hotels, hospitals and so on.Gas Generator Sets

    It is expected that with the increasing supply of natural gas, the scope of supply continues to expand in recent years, natural gas power generation will be a rapid development.Gas Generator Sets