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Coal-fired Generator Sets

         Coal-fired generating units are mechanical devices that convert the chemical energy of fossil fuels such as coal into electrical energy. The working principle of coal-fired generating units is to convert the thermal energy generated by combustion into electricity through power plant (boilers, steam turbines, generators and auxiliary devices). Coal-fired power generation has a long history and is also an important one.Generator Sets

         Coal-fired generating units are mainly composed of combustion system (boiler as the core), soda water system (mainly by all kinds of pumps, feedwater heaters, condenser, pipe, water-cooled wall, etc.), electrical system (to turbo-generator, main transformer, etc.), control system and so on. The former two produce high temperature and high pressure steam; the electrical system realizes the transformation from heat energy, mechanical energy to electric energy, and the control system ensures the safety, reasonable and economical operation of each system. As a traditional power generation method, coal-fired power generation has its drawbacks and deficiencies, such as the increasing of SO2 and NOx in the direct combustion of coal, the increase of acid rain in our country, and the harmful effects of dust pollution on people's lives and plant growth. Therefore, to continuously improve the schedule of coal-fired power generation, the use of various technologies to improve power generation efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, such as the use of dust and dust desulfurization treatment or the conversion of natural gas, gas turbines to use air cooling.Generator Sets

         Coal-fired machine features 1, the use of diesel engines for power generation units, supporting well-known brand generators. 2, a wide range of power units: 10 4300, low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise 4, unit performance, advanced technology, reliable work, maintenance convenience 5, high voltage regulator precision, dynamic performance, compact structure, long service life of 6, Weichai products perennial high altitude, high temperature, cold, "Three high" experiment, environmental adaptability 7, starting fast, and can quickly reach full power only a few seconds, emergency 1 minutes with full load due (normal 5a 30min) downtime process short, can be stopped frequently. 8, simple maintenance, less people, spare time maintenance easy 9, construction and power generation of the overall cost of the lowest 10, product classification rich, types are divided into: Marine generator sets, land-use generators; functional structure is divided into: the use of automatic units, rain shelter units, low-noise units, Trailers mobile power plant units; industry is divided into: civil Power generation units, military generators, oil field generators, telecommunications generators and so on.Generator Sets