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Characteristics And Advantages Of Gas Generator Sets

          Characteristics of Gas Generator sets: 1. Due to the use of Advanced Hall ignition sensing elements and high energy ignition system, the engine ignition is reliable and easy to start. 2. The main control parts are the world's most advanced imported components, so that the power generation unit work more stable and reliable. 3. Import GU620 control system and France Leroysomer electric ball to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the unit. 4. The use of very low pressure gas, no need to pressurize, reduce investment and improve effective electricity generation, do not have to specifically build gas tanks. The inlet pressure is 0 $number. 2Kpa. 5. Unit Kilowatt construction station investment is less, 2500-3500 yuan/; High return on investment: 45%-80%; low operating cost: 0.1-0.12 Yuan kwh. Unit maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, oil consumption, such as the average cost of about: 0.1 Yuan kwh 6. Because of the gas fuel, reduce the carbon deposition, thereby reducing the engine cylinder liner and door wear, can greatly extend the life of the unit. 7. Gas-fired internal combustion engine unit supporting equipment is simple, power station mobility is strong. 8. Unit Power Range: 4kw 3250, can work alone, can also be multiple grid-connected, build station flexible. 9. Power stations consume less than 2% of their electricity. 10. The gas engine adopts thermoelectric cooling, and the thermal efficiency of the unit can reach 80%. 11. Low requirements for biogas gas sources. 12. Unit self-formed system, the auxiliary equipment is few. 13. The use of high configuration control cabinets to achieve multi-level protection, so that the operation of the unit more secure. 14. According to user needs, the production of container-type, quiet box-type, static speaker towed models. Easy to move, flexible use, small footprint, exquisite appearance. Not only to provide users with efficient power services, but also to solve the traditional generator set noise problem, is a beautiful scenery.Gas Generator Sets.

         Gas Generator Set Advantages: Gas generator Sets with a wide range of output power, start-up and operation of reliable, high quality, light weight, small size, maintenance simple, low frequency noise, and generally they have the following four advantages: 1. Good quality of power generation unit when working only rotary motion, the speed of electrical response, the work is particularly stable, the generator output voltage and frequency of high precision, small fluctuations, in the sudden increase in air loss of 50% and 75% load, the unit operation is very stable, It is superior to the electrical performance index of diesel generator set. 2. Good start-up performance, high start-up success rate from the cold start to full load time only 30 seconds, while the international regulation of diesel generators to start the success of 3 minutes with load. The gas turbine generator set can guarantee the success rate of start-up in any ambient temperature and climate. 3. Low noise vibration is small because the turbine is in high speed rotating state, its vibration is very small, and the low-frequency noise is better than the diesel generator set. 4. The use of combustible gases is clean, inexpensive energy such as: gas, Platycodon grandiflorum gas, biogas, and so on, they fuel the generating set is not only reliable operation, low cost, but also to treasure, will not produce pollution.Gas Generator Sets.