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2015 Market Prospect Analysis Of Local Light-duty Diesel Engine Enterprises

All along, the own-brand light wood enterprises of four products concerned, country IV emission upgrades, so that domestic light diesel machine market competition pattern, enterprise sales rankings are changing.

Reporter learned, many light-duty diesel engine companies are also actively preparing for, some of the country's four product marketing feedback is also quite good. For example, the first quarter of this year, Chai Guo SI sales expected to hit 40,000 units. And not long ago also completed a private placement of quanchai, money raised will focus on commercial vehicle diesel engine project for low consumption, low emission, energy efficient non-road diesel engine projects and technical innovation project of the Centre, which is continuously to the high-end of the adjustment of product structure is undoubtedly good news.

It is understood that in order to speed up innovation and development, with roots in the high-end market for diesel engines, quanchai money raised will also be used to implement innovation projects, through the acquisition of advanced engine development and testing equipment, and gradually establish a scientific research, development, manufacture, testing and management as one of the technology innovation system, build a platform for greater levels of innovation, new technology development and advanced technology.