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Principle of the engine radiator

Apr 13, 2015

Car engine generally use an internal combustion engine. Internal combustion engines are produced through the burning of the fuel's thermal energy to do work. However, the effective power is only fuels the energy 30%~40%, the remaining energy as exhaust heat loss, heat loss due to mechanical friction and wear. Especially in order to keep the cylinder, cylinder head, intake and exhaust valves for proper temperature. It takes various parts of internal combustion engine cooling. To act as a cooling water loss is loss of heat energy.

Loss of radiator is used for cooling, in order to ensure the proper temperature of internal combustion engine cooling water loss is essential, usually by a motor-driven water pump to keep the water in various parts of the engine forced circulation, heat into the atmosphere of the device is the water radiator.

This heat loss around 20%~30% of the engine all the heat.