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Application of natural gas in combined cycle gas turbine generator sets

Apr 13, 2015

Natural gas is recognized around the world for clean energy in 2000, China's natural gas output has exceeded 25 billion m3. Use of natural gas has great advantages for environmental protection, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects: II small footprint, generally to 54% of coal-fired power plants. Secondly, water consumption, generally only one-third of coal-fired power plants. ③ do not need to append new investment for environmental protection. ④ do not cause hydropower construction resulting from emissions of waste water, spoil, factory covers an area of, forest vegetation, flooding and environmental problems caused by immigration. ⑤ compared with thermal power plants, low emissions of pollutants.

Power generation with natural gas is widely used in the world in the form of gas-steam combined cycle power plant, particularly in natural gas as a fuel for gas-steam combined cycle generation technology is more valued by many countries around the world. Natural gas power plant operating flexibility, the unit starts fast, starts a high success rate, with base load and peak load, and the desirability of close to load Centre. In addition, the power plant gas turbine generator set may 25 (30) output and reliable operation under%~100%, to improve the economic operation of power network, natural gas fired power plant availability rate is high, at about 90%~95%, higher than that of coal-fired power plants. Can greatly improve the operating conditions of coal-fired power units, and reducing coal consumption, improving network quality, to address its contradictions run, it would be a good choice.